You Can’t Build a Business If All Your Time is Consumed Working In the Business.

When we take on the management side, you are free to build and have a life at the same time.

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Get 10-Steps to Live Event Success

Running a live event can be challenging, but this guide will help you make sure you’ve got EVERYTHING covered.

Live events are one of the most popular types of projects that small businesses leverage as part of their marketing and growing their business, and a common way that Online Business Managers (OBMs) help their clients.

You didn’t go into business to be in bondage to it…right?!  Right!!!  So…let’s get going on getting you back to doing what you love!

Whether you are ready for a total Online Business Management (OBM) solution – Or you want to get some fast results on just getting a project in play, or getting a system or two in place, so you can get some much deserved breathing room – I have solutions for you.


Not quite sure who to hire first and how to ensure you get the right person?

Perhaps you now know you can’t have freedom & sustainable growth in your business without systems, but aren’t sure where to start.

Or maybe you aren’t sure what tools you need to have a great online marketing engine where all your marketing, memberships, online courses, etc.  work together seamlessly.

If you aren’t quite ready to bring people on your team, but you know you need solutions that will make your life easier, then this is a perfect solution.

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The (3) most common projects that small business owners & entrepreneurs run which have high-impact results and drive greater revenue are:

~ Product Launches ~

~ Online & Live Events ~

~ Online Marketing Campaigns ~

I have been managing projects and events for nearly 20 years and I can make yours come to life and actually get done!

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My Hands Down, Unshakable, Proven Process for Your Success!!



Following are just a few of the areas we’ll assess in your business…

~ Any gaps in your current systems ~

~ Status of current projects & where there may be sticking points ~

~ Where to improve current resources & tools that you’re using~

~ Why your clients or customers aren’t happy – or why you are having unwanted turnover ~

~ What your team needs from you to work at their highest and most effective level ~


Once we’ve identified areas for improvement or revamping we co-create solutions with you.

We look at the top 2-3 key, high-priority areas of your business that are closest to the money and develop a blueprint that will take us step-by-step toward creating streamlined systems, so you can see fast results.

Once we have the plan laid out you have the choice of just taking the plan and running with it yourself, or you can go onto the next step with us, which is Management & Implementation.


Once we’ve worked together to identify your gaps & goals, and created killer strategies and solid plans it’s time to put everything into some serious action!

Using the best tools and methods we’ll manage the projects and people that it takes to get it all done.  And with us – IT WILL ALL GET DONE!

You get to relax, knowing the day-to-day is completely under control while you build your business.



There is always room for improvement.  But the only way to know what’s working and what needs improvement is to continuously analyze your numbers.  

You need to know what ads are converting, what emails are getting attention, what results your getting from your events…and so on.  

We track and manage various analytics and provide you with regular reports that will help you make sound business decisions.  

Pam is genuine, caring, and detail-oriented. My plate was so full taking care of the everyday tasks to keep my business running that I didn’t have the bandwidth to correct holes in processes I knew would save time, money (and my sanity!).

She quickly saw holes as she took responsibilities off my plate and made effective recommendations to improve workflow. She was great at helping to quickly identify what was best for where my business was at and made solid recommendations for improvement that have improved my client’s experience, decreased my daily workload and freed up my mind space. Samantha Moe

Certified Parent Coach, Mad2Glad



One of my favorite quotes is by Lao Tzu, which goes like this.  “A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with the First Step.”

Let’s get going on such a journey!  Money is waiting to be made with your projects, and your business is crying out to be made sustainable with systemization and automation!

I invite you to schedule some time with me.  Let’s just chat and see if we might be able to help.

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