Exercise Your Right to Choose

Solutions for a variety of stages

Strategy & Planning

Select from a half day or full day session

We always start with either a half-day clarity, strategy and planning session with just you and your leadership team, if applicable – or you can take advantage of a full-day session in which we invite your core team members for the 2nd half of the day, so we can get everyone on the same page and get buy-in so that we’re all going in the same direction with the strategies and plan.

This service is ideal for the DIYer who wants a roadmap to follow, but wants to implement it for themselves. 

Half Days Include

In your half-day session we will spend roughly 3 – 4 hours of targeted focus time assessing the current state of your business, team, systems, marketing, and customer satisfaction.

You’ll have clarity on your vision, objectives, and core values / culture statement so that everything and everyone can get in alignment.  This will help your clients / customers clearly know what you’re all about and it will help you build an amazing, cohesive team!

We’ll help you identify where your strengths are, and where there are gaps.  We’ll then identify and prioritize those areas that need improvement and co-create a strategy for getting things back on the right track.

You’ll walk away with absolute clarity in knowing exactly what you and your team need to do over the next several months, and when your plans and strategies need to be implemented, because you’ll have an entire year’s roadmap laid out in advance.

Full Days Include

This is for those of you who have one or more core members on your team.  A core member is one who works with you on a regular, ongoing basis.  (e.g. your VA, social media specialist, marketing strategist, marketing specialist).  At the end of your complimentary discovery conversation you’ll be clear on who this would be for, and whether this is an option you should consider. 

Full Days Include Everything That You Get in a Half Day Session, PLUS…  

Meeting with Your Core Team.  The afternoon is all about getting everyone on the same page with your vision, goals and core values.  When your team has had a chance to weigh in and has a chance to voice any concerns (because, after all, they are the ones doing the work), we’ll have buy-in going forward.  They’ll be a part of the planning which will make it much more effective for them to carry out the plans.  I’m sure you’ll find their input in this facilitated session will be invaluable!

Final Wrap-Up.  About 30 minutes before we end for the day we’ll excuse the core team and wrap-up with any final thoughts.

**All sessions include a video / audio recording along with all the related action plans, templates, and checklists.

Operations Management

As your Virtual COO / “Fractional Integrator” we ensure that the Strategy & Plan is executed seamlessly.

After our strategy & planning session, if we decide together that it makes sense for us to move on to Step 2, we’ll function as your Virtual COO (a.k.a. your “Fractional Integrator”) on a more ongoing basis.  

We will become responsible for ensuring the Strategy & Plan is implemented seamlessly.  

This will include ensuring the team is consistently meeting objectives, projects are getting done on time, systems are put in place, and that your clients are satisfied.  

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